Corporate meetings service

One of the capabilities of Video conference is virtual video meeting. Iran video conference network (SHOOKA), having presented corporate meeting service, has provided the possibility of making use of this technology without any special equipment with the highest level of security and quality for your organization or business.

Why should we use Video Conference Services instead of purchasing expensive equipment of Video Conference?

SHOOKA corporate meeting service is able to hold meeting with numerous invitees, along with recording and live-streaming  for others (with your decision) and provides this possibility for your company staff not only to take advantage of virtual video meetings but also make dual/multi users video communications together.

Features of corporate meeting service

Empowered by SHOOKA cloud (with potential of independence from SHOOKA could “IN-HOUSE”)
Personalization based on companies’ demands
Holding meetings with numerous invitees
Possibility of establishing facilities of voice &video transmission at user’s company (by user’s demand)
Management panel in order to start a meeting session and invite the audiences
Ability to manage ongoing meetings
Option to share the chosen desktop or application

Meetings Live-cast feature
Supporting 16 pictures simultaneously in a single frame
Able to record the meetings
Meetings Live-cast feature
Survey, rollcall and voting features
Organizational training and culture-building
Persian interface and manual