Features and Advantages

Qualities of SHOOKA services



(experience of face to face communication with SHOOKA experts)

It makes no difference, when and how you have been troubled. A software malfunction in SHOOKA system or a hardware issue in your company or an internet line problem has occurred for you. Our experts will be at your service via video contact and VC technology.

You may also take advantage of our experts’ support via ticket, email, video call center or by visiting us in-person.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We guarantee all SHOOKA services in SLA contract before starting project. By making this contracting we commit to execution of the service as specified in the agreement.

In this contract, we define and guarantee service specifications, presentation quality and its support in details. In fact, with clear words and away from obscurity we explain precisely what will our service bring to you, how will be the quality of our service and how far will our support go.


Constant durability of SHOOKA services is one thing we guarantee in SLA contract. In order for that, we have predicted multiple alternatives for each section/ component of services. In case there is a problem, these alternatives take place in the circuit and prevent the SHOOKA VC services from stoppage. SHOOKA cloud is established on several creditable databases with world class standards.

End-to-end security

Hold your data key in your hand/ keep your data under control

Iran VC Network (SHOOKA) has allocated so much fund and efforts to reach the highest security standards. Client server architecture, assigns SHOOKA in the middle of every contact as a server so that data flies first from the sender to SHOOKA server and gets transmitted to the receiver from there.

Also thanks to end-to-end technology data is encrypted at origin and reached at receiver’s side in the same form and decrypted then. Therefore, encryptions applied at the origin are never identifiable and decryptable by our servers. Its only at the destination that these codes are decrypted and readable.

These are all for you to feel safe.


Everything under control

SHOOKA has predicted all necessary facilities for you to use our services the way you need. Manage your voice and picture.

You determine how and where your voice and picture surf. This is feasible by the virtual Soft Switch we present you as a service; so, you don’t need to supply Soft Switch too.

Soft Switches are one of the components of SHOOKA VC services which are in charge for transmitting voice and video data for users. You have this authority to manage your users’ traffic quota on your Soft Switches. In simple words, you may decide on which Soft Switch (inside and outside the company) your data traffic place.

So besides users’ privacy, you can determine the bandwidth your users or group of users have to use.

Manage your users.

In services presented by Iran Video Conference Network (SHOOKA), defining, changing or eliminating users, is simply possible without needing SHOOKA experts. In addition, you may classify your users and manage the relationship among them.

Manage your service!

Making use of SHOOKA management panel you are able to take reports like traffic usage of any of your users. Using this panel, you can also increase or decrease your contract traffic or order other services.


We fulfill your needs.

You and your company have needs which are different from any other company. We fulfill the special needs which are specific to you, the way you want. That is, we redesign our service based on your requirements and present to you in 3 different levels.

Our personalized services are presented in 3 levels:

First level:

We personalize the procedures and requirements specifically based on your needs.

Imagine you manage a bank. You are looking for taking advantage of video communication at your electronic counters. We can provide our video communication services in your VTMs.

Second level:

We adjust our services to your company branding and components. You may change the appearance and theme of the applications the way you wish. Using your logo and corporation color is the least this service presents.

Third level:

Get started on your own and change the service the way you want. We hand the API over to you to make the changes you wish.

Imagine you have executed an automation software in your company. In other hand, you have intended to make use of SHOOKA services too. But you prefer your users work with a single system. Having the API in hand you are able to combine our service with the automation and achieve your goal.


Fund saving and efficiency boost

Our services can be combined and united with all your video and non-video solutions.

This unity takes place in two ways.


Preserve the existing fund and increase the efficiency. (combining SHOOKA services with the current video solution of the company)

You might have proceeded to purchase video conference equipment before. We have this capability to develop your technology along with maintaining the current structure disciplines. We can unite and combine our services with all technologies based on SIP and H323.


make your current solutions more effective. Combining SHOOKA services with non-video solutions of companies and businesses. We are able to provide SHOOKA services on your non-video systems such as HIS or automation. Under this feature, SHOOKA services are just added as a new feature to the existing systems. The feature that promotes the existing system without changing its function.


Everyone is always more accessible.

Iran VC Network (SHOOKA) presents its services on all common platforms (Android, IOS, Mac, Linux and WEB).

With this feature, you may use different kinds of PC, LAP TOP, Smartphones and tablets to work with SHOOKA VC services. It makes no different where you are and which device you have. Wherever you are, only having one of these devices and internet is enough to take advantage of our services.

The best possible experience of communication with the least infrastructural facilities.

SHOOKA believing in quality, and on the way to reach it, makes advantage of the most developed and  modern technologies of voice and video transmission.

SHOOKA services, constantly observing the bandwidth, your network access quality, your screen size, picture layout, your hardware processing power and… (your conditions are observed in all the circumstances where these parameters change every moment) and considering all of them, provides the best quality of service for your video contact.

SHOOKA infrastructures, have the ability to transmit Full HD and even 4K pictures. So even when we speak about a 40 user virtual meeting, SHOOKA is the only operator who can provide an experience close to a face to face meeting for all those 40 users.