Considering the fact that there are different departments and sections in a company and they need to have different access levels in contacting one another, SHOOKA has predicted a classification feature for company members in internal video call service. With this feature staff of each department would have contact access to only their own department members. Of course, this classification authority will be by company manager in open or limited levels.

One of the significant advantages of internal video call service is classification and access level of company members.

Therefore, internal video call users can make dual/ multiple user video contacts with their own group members without leaving their desk. Other members can invite their contacts, even from miles away, to this video call, they can hold virtual meeting, share content and record the meeting. All this, made as simple as a call, without scheduling formalities, with classification of groups and departments you define in this service for your company.

Features of Internal Video Call Service

Empowered by SHOOKA cloud
Classification option for your company
Direct dual user Video Communication feature (p2p or point to point) between group members
Group meeting feature (p2mp) among group members

Determine, eliminate or add group members
Sharing content or desktop screen
Meetings Record feature