Thanks to SHOOKA cloud meeting service you may schedule your virtual meeting for a determined time, to be held only once or repeatedly, and automatically send the invitation cards to the invitees (via text message or email).

Then in SHOOKA cloud application (Windows, Android,…), the invitees might find a list of meetings they are invited to, and take part in meetings in the determined time.

SHOOKA cloud application is free to access and register for everyone, and the ones invited to cloud meetings for the first time, may simply (less than 5 minutes) register and join the SHOOKA users’ community according to the instruction presented to them via email or text message. This helps you access people inside and outside the company, off limits, from behind your desk and invite them to your meetings, whether tiny or large, with no geographical restrictions.

Features of Cloud Meetings Service

Empowered by SHOOKA cloud
Access to invitees out of unlimited contacts inside and outside the company
Free accessibility and registration in SHOOKA application (for all different platforms)
Options to manage the ongoing meetings (meetings management)
Automatic notification for invitees via text message or email
A meeting inbox in application for user to find out about the meetings they are invited to
Rollcall feature in meetings

File sharing: Pictures, Images and Diagrams, for the meeting audiences
Featuring formats for meetings in order to schedule and hold the repetitive meetings
Meeting record feature
Survey, rollcall and voting features
Holding multiple meetings in different rooms
Persian interface and manual