SHOOKA video call center, taking advantage of video contact feature between your audience or customer and your company, has provided the opportunity for experiencing a more effective communication way (video call) compared to other communication methods. The fact that your operators don’t necessarily have to attend the company -which is practically another advantage of this service- might not only extend the responsiveness hours but also let you preserve the expenditures of running a physical call center.

Iran VC Network (SHOOKA), with adding up the video feature to call centers has provided a valuable experience for your customers.

Also, this service being empowered by SHOOKA cloud enables your customers to contact your call center easily only with downloading SHOOKA application (for smartphone or computer).

This service could be utilized in providing modern services such as: electronic banking, remote therapy, remote consultation or even users/customers support, warranty centers and etc…

The audience is totally focused on you

Features of video call center service

Empowered by SHOOKA cloud
Featuring the queue option
Option to observe the queue for operator and caller
Option for operators to pick up a caller out of the queue and answer them
Room for inserting ADS slots
Providing a particular experience for your customers